QSGroup helps clients to select and adapt fully-automated CIP / SIP systems in their factory with individual and semi-automated sampling solutions, including hygienic-status monitoring.

Our choice: Zeta

This company’s solutions help prevent cross contamination, achieve reproducible results and keep environments and machinery clean.

Sistemi disponibili:

  • Central CIP systems and CIP satellites.  
  • Single or multiple tank systems. 
  • Integrated CIP systems.

QSGroup supplies companies in the pharmaceutical sector with customized systems to control unrefined material and incoming water.

Our choice: Zeta

This industry-leading company builds systems for PW (Purified Water), ultrapure water, WFI (water for injection) and clean steam.

Technical specifications:

  • Simplified sample collection. 
  • Flow-rate monitoring / control. 
  • Sanitization / ozone treatment.
  • Space optimization.
  • GMP-compliant supplies.

QSGroup supplies clients with customized systems for the production of sterile and non-sterile solutions, as well as for suspension and semi-solid medications.

Our choice: Zeta

With many years of experience in this sector, Zeta manufacturse machinery for production lines with a high level of automation and efficiency.  

Equipment available:

  • Emulsion production line. 
  • Production line for cellular fermentation.
  • Production system for emulsion preparation.
  • 100L preparation system.
  • Virus inactivation unit.
  • Mobile preparation system.

QSGroup can supply clients with customized systems for the production, processing and refinement, as well as for the purification and composition of biotechnological products.

Our choice: Zeta

Zeta employs the most advanced processes and techniques to achieve the highest quality products. 

Chromatography systems 

  • Compact and mobile layout. 
  • 100% deaeration / no air bubbles. 
  • Mixing of buffer systems including in-line dilution. 
  • Constant flow rates. 
  • Flow rates from 0.5 l / min – 100 l / min. 
  • Filtration systems


  • Modular designs. 
  • Space optimization. 
  • Continuously scalable capacities. 
  • Compact and mobile systems. 
  • Permanently installed large-scale systems.

QSGroup offers an innovative solution to its clients to manage dust in sterile environments. 

Our choice: Zeta

Zeta has developed unparalleled products and dedusting rings are an example. These objects are placed at the opening of the tanks and are able to capture the dust, thus minimizing the exposure by the staff and at the same time, the contamination of the nearby area.

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QSGroup supplies clients with bioreactors and customized fermentation systems for the production of active ingredients from cell cultures, yeast and bacteria. 

Our choice: Zeta

Zeta creates first-class products that can brilliantly solve the most difficult technical challenges in this field, such as space organization, mixing, cleaning and sterility. 


  • CFD simulation (computational fluid dynamics studies). 
  • 100% customized systems.
  • Bioreactors and fermenters from 10L up to 30,000L. 
  • Vertical integration.

We help companies select the right machinery for their factory. 

Our choice: Zeta

Zeta boasts years of experience in this field and offers solutions with a complete range of equipment for controlled deep-freezing, transport, storage and thawing of biopharma products, that allow the development, rationalization and economic optimization of the freezing process.

The 7 steps to preserve protein quality with ZETA:

  • Preliminary analysis of the behaviour of the specific protein.
  • The Design of Experiments (DoE) tool provides the necessary support to design the right experiments.
  • The ZETA LabFreeze equipment then allows you to conduct experiments efficiently. 
  • The experimental data is then used by ZETA FreezeSimulation. 
  • ZETA PilotFreeze allows you to apply the specific freezing model for each type of protein. 
  • ZETA PilotFreeze is then used to verify the freezing model in order to optimize the processing parameters. 
  • With the ZETA FreezeSystem, the transition to large-scale manufacturing begins.

QSGroup supplies companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech and food industries with high performance magnetic agitators.

Our choice: Zeta

Zeta offers a wide selection of magnetic stirrers mounted at the bottom or on top. In addition to the standard range of agitators, they also produce versions customized to the customer’s needs, so that they can also be used in ATEX zones 0 or 1 in compliance with Directive 2014/34 / EU.

Technical characteristics:

  • Volumes 1 – 50,000.
  • Hermetically sealed.
  • Open impeller design and easy to clean.
  • Ceramic bearings (silicon-carbide vs. zirconium- oxide, diamond coated) for high stability, outstanding running characteristics and dry running capability.
  • Variety of options available to meet specific needs: motors, materials, surface finishes and impeller design.
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations are available upon request.