Magnetic agitators

agitatori magnetici da laboratorio

QSGroup supplies companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech and food industries with high performance magnetic agitators.

Our choice: Zeta

Zeta offers a wide selection of magnetic stirrers mounted at the bottom or on top. In addition to the standard range of agitators, they also produce versions customized to the customer’s needs, so that they can also be used in ATEX zones 0 or 1 in compliance with Directive 2014/34 / EU.

Technical characteristics:

  • Volumes 1 – 50,000.
  • Hermetically sealed.
  • Open impeller design and easy to clean.
  • Ceramic bearings (silicon-carbide vs. zirconium- oxide, diamond coated) for high stability, outstanding running characteristics and dry running capability.
  • Variety of options available to meet specific needs: motors, materials, surface finishes and impeller design.
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations are available upon request.
agitatori magnetici da laboratorio

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