Controlled deep-freezing and thawing systems

We help companies select the right machinery for their factory. 

Our choice: Zeta

Zeta boasts years of experience in this field and offers solutions with a complete range of equipment for controlled deep-freezing, transport, storage and thawing of biopharma products, that allow the development, rationalization and economic optimization of the freezing process.

The 7 steps to preserve protein quality with ZETA:

  • Preliminary analysis of the behaviour of the specific protein.
  • The Design of Experiments (DoE) tool provides the necessary support to design the right experiments.
  • The ZETA LabFreeze equipment then allows you to conduct experiments efficiently. 
  • The experimental data is then used by ZETA FreezeSimulation. 
  • ZETA PilotFreeze allows you to apply the specific freezing model for each type of protein. 
  • ZETA PilotFreeze is then used to verify the freezing model in order to optimize the processing parameters. 
  • With the ZETA FreezeSystem, the transition to large-scale manufacturing begins.

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