Downstream systems

QSGroup can supply clients with customized systems for the production, processing and refinement, as well as for the purification and composition of biotechnological products.

Our choice: Zeta

Zeta employs the most advanced processes and techniques to achieve the highest quality products. 

Chromatography systems 

  • Compact and mobile layout. 
  • 100% deaeration / no air bubbles. 
  • Mixing of buffer systems including in-line dilution. 
  • Constant flow rates. 
  • Flow rates from 0.5 l / min – 100 l / min. 
  • Filtration systems


  • Modular designs. 
  • Space optimization. 
  • Continuously scalable capacities. 
  • Compact and mobile systems. 
  • Permanently installed large-scale systems.

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