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About us

We are an experienced and qualified team of professionals in contamination control. For almost 30 years we have focused on the search for continuous innovation but without ever losing the family dimension that, over the years, we have managed to maintain and still finds today in our offices, laboratories and plants. Thanks to our professionalism and decades of experience in the field of particulate contamination, the close relationship that binds us with the Politecnico di Milano of which we are professors, and our support as members of the ASCCA (Association for the Study and Control of Environmental Contamination), we have had the opportunity to work with over 300 customers including small, medium and large companies. While thanks to our offices located in Barlassina (MB), Pratola Peligna (AQ), Lugano (Switzerland) and Paris (France), we are able to reach wherever we are needed. We are innovators who are always ready to respond to our customers with the best solutions on the market, to make them leaders in the sector and guarantee them a real competitive advantage.


Our Vision


Where We Started

From a small, forward-thinking company that was just entering the world of contamination control, we’ve charted an extraordinary path to become today’s innovative industry leader. Driven by a passion for excellence and a determination to overcome any challenge that arises, we have always been committed to finding unique and revolutionary solutions with the aim of supporting our customers and making them market leaders.


Where we are now

Over the years, we have continued to redefine our boundaries with a pioneering spirit and dedication to innovation. We have grown by welcoming more and more talents to our team year after year, and the best international partners. The commitment and passion for innovation have made QSGroup a solid company able to overcome the challenges of an increasingly complex market, anticipate trends and offer solutions that make a difference.


Where we want to go

We look to the future with determination and ambition, we aim to constantly push the boundaries of innovation. Our goal remains to work with passion, continuing to develop cutting-edge solutions that can guide our customers through the complex challenges of tomorrow. QSGroup is determined to define the future of contamination control, offering game-changing solutions and continuing to be a trusted partner to a wide range of sectors and industries.


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