GMP Variable Monitoring

GMP sets requirements for the production of drugs and healthcare products in controlled manufacturing environments, such as clean rooms. In these environments there are certain variables that need to be monitored to ensure the quality, safety, and efficacy of the products.

Vaisala's Indigo200 series transmitters are host devices for displaying measured values from interchangeable Vaisala smart probes.
Vaisala's Indigo500 series transmitters are smart and autonomous probe host devices that are compatible with Vaisala's Indigo line.
The PDT101 differential pressure transmitter is designed for applications in regulated environments such as high-performance cleanrooms.
The Vaisala CARBOCAP® GMP251 carbon dioxide probe is the innovative CO2 measurement solution with a percentage scale range.
Vaisala PEROXCAP® HPP270 series probes are designed for measuring hydrogen peroxide concentration during bio-decontamination processes.
Vaisala humidity and temperature probes are designed for any situation and conditions of use, ensuring excellent performance and accuracy every time.
We supply different types of Dataloggers suitable for every application.
Vaisala's HM40 portable humidity and temperature meter is designed for spot checks in a wide variety of environments.
The Vaisala HUMICAP® HM70 handheld is designed for moisture measurement in high-accuracy spot control applications. Also ideal for field control and calibration of Vaisala fixed humidity instruments.
The Vaisala continuous monitoring system is perfect for heavy and light industrial environments, as well as GXP application rules.


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