Laboratory Ultrapure Water Generators

QSGroup offers best-in-class laboratory water purification solutions for the pharmaceutical, research, and analytical industries. With advanced equipment and a system designed to meet the needs of your application, through technologies including reverse osmosis, electrodeionization, and ultraviolet, we provide the highest levels of water quality, consistency, and reliability, with low operating and maintenance costs.

The Labwater deionization unit produces small amounts of purified water between 1 and 10╬╝S/cm on demand.
The Purite Analyst is a compact water purification unit that uses integrated pre-carbon treatment, reverse osmosis and deionization technologies, to produce a flow of purified water at least 1 M╬ę.cm.
Purite Fusion provides an advanced, simple to install, operate and maintain unit designed for all laboratory applications that require a reliable and consistent supply of purified water up to 18.2 M╬ę.cm.
The Purite Select Neptune Ultimate Water Purification System uses deionization, phosphoxidation, and bactericidal UV, to produce 18.2M╬ę.cm pure water.
The Integra range is ideal for laboratories that require higher daily volumes of purified water with different sources of use.
The Integra 200E system is a self-contained, energy-efficient unit that utilizes the latest energy-efficient reverse osmosis membranes and electro-demineralization technology.
To provide higher qualities of purified water, Integra L base units can be supplemented with the addition of optional polishing packages consisting of independent interchangeable cylinders.
The Elite Plus range of reverse osmosis units caters to key applications requiring between 500 and 5,000 litres per hour of RO grade water.


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