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Prodotti/Liste prodotti
Don't miss your chance to make your job easier with the AeroTrakĀ®+ A100 Series Portable Particle Counter.
All TSI AeroTrak handheld particle counters comply with the international standard ISO 21501-4. The 9306 can measure up to 6 channels of data simultaneously, while the 9303 monitors up to 3 channels.
The AeroTrakĀ® TSI 9110 portable particle counter offers precise particle measurement down to 0.100 Ī¼m!
The AeroTrak 9001 Condensing Particle Counter for Controlled Environments is a unique instrument on the market, capable of providing the safety necessary for monitoring critical environments.
Impact Air 90-HF is a state-of-the-art, high-efficiency microbial air sampler.
The MicroBio MB2 Bioaerosol Sampler is an essential tool for microbiological sampling in the Clean Room.
TSI's FMS is an advanced, reliable and easy-to-use suite of monitoring software that features a truly distributed architecture.
The BioTrakĀ® Real-Time Viable Particle Counter is TSI's innovative tool for monitoring your aseptic process.
The TSI AeroTrak+ 7010 Remote Active Air Sampler (AAS) are fixed microbiological samplers designed for monitoring environmental conditions in Grade A and B pharmaceutical manufacturing environments, with external suction systems.
The ISO-CON-90 system is a complete solution for isolator monitoring.


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