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Measure the air quality and level of contamination of clean room laboratories or industries, with our handheld or portable particle counting solutions

Check the microbiological contamination of the air with our portable air samplers

Monitor the degree of particle contamination in your working environments with our fixed particle counter solutions

Monitor the degree of microbiological contamination of your work environments with our real time monitoring systems

Monitor the quality, safety and effectiveness of your drug and healthcare product manufacturing in controlled manufacturing environments

BIOAKT is the innovative broad-spectrum bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal disinfectant and detergent, 100% natural and compliant with the GREEN ECONOMY law

QSGroup offers the best laboratory water purification solutions for the pharmaceutical, research and analytical sectors

Protect your work area, check the integrity of your gloves with our dedicated professional services

Trust the hydrogen peroxide procedure for your decontamination operations, an excellence among the systems on the market

Carry out your qualification and requalification operations, using top-level instrumentation, with transversal applications for every need

Continuously measure and monitor the differential pressure between environments for operating rooms, clean rooms, and isolation rooms, with our solutions

Monitor large particles with our optical technology solutions. Precise and reliable detection and counting

Contamination Control

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for contamination control

In QSGroup you will find the best instrumentation on the market in the field of environmental contamination. Always attentive to the latest innovations, we carefully choose our technological partners to offer you the best products.