AeroTrak+ 7010 Active Air Sampler

The TSI AeroTrak+ 7010 Remote Active Air Sampler (AAS) are fixed microbiological samplers designed for monitoring environmental conditions in Grade A and B pharmaceutical manufacturing environments, with external suction systems.

With active airflow measurements and proactive alarms, it allows cleanroom technicians to correct plant conditions before monitoring is impacted, reducing production waste. The sampler integrates with TSI Facility Monitoring software  to deliver critical data without worrying about interruptions or data loss.

Features such as active flow measurement, specific design for grade A and B environments, and integration with FMS software, ensure reliable results and compliance with FDA cGMP and EU GMP regulations.

TSI’s comprehensive environmental monitoring system with integrated total and microbial particle monitoring, FMS software integration and automated sample-based reporting, secure sharing via OPC UA interface, and distributed architecture with no common points of failure, ensure data quality and integrity. In the event of network failure, sampling is completed anyway.



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