Neptune Ultimate

The Purite Select Neptune Ultimate Water Purification System Ā uses deionization, phosphoxidation, and bactericidal UV, to produce 18.2MĪ©.cm pure water. The system automatically recirculates purified water to maintain quality and has comprehensive data capture capabilities for traceability, as well as intelligent monitoring to put the unit on standby when not in use.

Each unit also features semi-automatic cleaning and sanitizing routines, TOC indication, and alarms for cartridge, UV, and filter replacement.


  • Ion exchange cartridges incorporating single-spherical semiconductor grade mixed-bed deionizing resin with a low TOC leaching profile and a high-activity organic absorption medium
  • Sub-micron and ultra-filter to remove particles, bacteria and endotoxins
  • 185 nm or UV photooxidant to break down organic compounds into smaller charged ionic species that can be removed by ion exchange
  • 254nm UV to reduce bacteria by more than 99%
  • Built-in UV LED disinfection inside the dispensing head
  • Wi-Fi enabled for remote monitoring and operation


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