Speedy Glove

At QSGroup we offer two integrity tests for the verification of your gloves:

  • Compressed air test: this test allows you to measure air leaks and check for any perforations or defects;
  • Liquid Test: This test consists of immersing the glove in a liquid and observing any air bubbles that, if present, indicate perforations or defects.

Speedy Glove is QSGroup’s choice for glove holding operations.

It is an innovative device to carry out leak tests on gloves installed on isolators and RABS, suitable for aseptic processes, containment, handling of APIs and HAPI and radiopharmaceuticals.

Compatible with all glove flanges currently used on the market, thanks to its patented features, such as the rapid glove inflation system, which saves up to 30% of test time compared to competing devices, Speedy Glove stands out for its performance and flexibility. In addition, it is compatible with vaporized hydrogen peroxide, making it fully decontaminable and suitable for use inside insulator pre-chambers.


  • RFID technology to maintain test traceability
  • Internal memory capable of storing up to a thousand reports
  • CFR Part 11 compliant


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