QS Tech

QSTECH, a company of the QSGroup Group, is the division specialized in the design, construction and maintenance of technological systems, with particular attention to the pharmaceutical industry. At QSTECH you will findĀ  a highly specialized team, to give you a very high quality service on:

Installation of monitoring systems for clean rooms, SCADA

Installation of network/power/communication infrastructure monitoring services and sampling pipelines

GXP sensor installation, instrumental transfer from
one laboratory to another or from one area to another

Electrical infrastructure adaptation with focus
on GMP regulatory requests

Creation of data networks, alarm systems,
security and video surveillance

Energy efficiency

Photovoltaic systems, storage and charging of electric vehicles

Predictive and preventative maintenance

Design and instrumental checks

Sanitization, cleaning, inspection and remediation of aeraulic and water systems

Air quality monitoring

Contamination Control

Solutions for every step of the contamination control process

We support our customers through comprehensive, tailor-made contamination control solutions, a highly trained team of experts, and a dedicated 24/7 support service.< /span>


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