We are an Italian company with innovation at its core. We offer our clients unmatched solutions that make them sector leaders and guarantee them a competitive advantage.

What we do

As a full-service provider for contamination control, we work primarily with pharmaceutical, scientific, aerospace, food and semiconductor companies.

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Our story

Our collective experience amounts to almost 30 years.

We are also a rapidly expanding company: in 3 years we have gone from 15 people to a total of 32

For this reason, in 2019, the prestigious Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore included QSGroup among the 350 fastest growing companies in Italy.

Our company today

While our focus is on innovation, we also consider ours a family-like workplace, an aspect which we have managed to maintain over the years and that can still be found today in our offices, laboratories and factories.

Our decades of experience in the field of particle contamination, our close relationship with the Polytechnic university in Milan, our supporting membership of the ASCCA (Association for the study and control of environmental contamination), of which we were also members of the board of directors, have led us today to work with over 300 clients including small, medium and large companies.

We are always up-to-date not only with what we offer, but also in the way we work. One example? Our technicians use a tablet-based software platform with which they manage protocols, warehouse, interventions and technical reports. Everything is online, immediately available.

Our headquarters, with laboratories, warehouses and management offices are located in Barlassina (MB) near Milan, while our two laboratories are in Pratola Peligna (AQ) and Lugano (Switzerland). We are therefore strategically positioned and can serve the entire Italian peninsula, in addition to Switzerland.

Our offices and contacts

Sedi QSGroup
Barlassina Italia
Lugano Svizzera
Pratola Peligna Italia

Our subsidiary Altiorlab provides calibration services for measuring particle counters for the pharmaceutical, veterinary, chemical, cosmetic, food and electronics industries, public and private hospitals, health and social care facilities, testing and/or calibration laboratories.

Our people

Our skills led us to become lecturers at the Politecnico di Milano, one of the most prestigious universities in Italy for this sector.

We have many high-profile clients, both in Italy and abroad, as our company can boast more than 15 FSE service technicians, as well as a laboratory with an ISO5 clean room and a water distribution system comparable to the ones employed by the semiconductors industry.

Thanks to dedicated staff, we are also able to constantly map the ISO regulatory situation, this way we’re always up to date with the necessary protocols and are able to pass this information on to our customers.

Results and partnerships


We perform calibrations of all critical parameters (both in our two integrated ISO 9001:2015) and at our clients’ workplace. We switched to ISO 9001:2015 almost two years in advance, a testament to our proficiency in this field.


Thanks to the Accredia/ILAC-MRA (ISO 17025:2018) certification of our Altiorlab subsidiary, we are the only ones in Italy to provide declarations of conformity to ISO 21501-4:2018 as indicated by ISO 14644-1 (for particle counters).


We are the only and official Suez Partners in Italy for the services and maintenance of TOC analyzers. We have received training from specialized Suez technicians to learn about the protocols and methodologies indicated by Suez. We also supply our customers with original Suez spare parts and consumables.


We are a TSI Gold Partner for the supply of portable particle counters and the installation of particle monitoring systems, software, installation of Facility Monitoring Systems (design, installation, qualification and ongoing maintenance).


We are a TSI official center in Italy for the calibration of particle monitoring instrumentation.


We are members of the Association for the Study and Control of Environmental Contamination (ASCCA in Italian).