The simplest quantitative method to perform the monitoring of airborne bacterial and fungal particles is to use impact samplers.

QSGroup offers companies operating in the food industry the most advanced systems to detect pathogens harmful to the health of employees and that of end consumers. 
This is done through the PCR technique, which has earned its creator a Nobel Prize, the Polymerase Chain Reaction. Compared to other techniques, amplification by PCR allows the analysis of a larger sample volume in a shorter time.

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QSGroup is a leader in services and products for semiconductor manufacturing environments, particularly those where ISO 1 and ISO 2 apply.

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QSGroup supplies devices for operating theatres, cleanrooms, patient isolation rooms and all areas in general where an isolation must be maintained and permanently installed equipment is required to continuously measure and monitor the differential pressure between rooms.

Our choice: PresSura™ system

The PresSura™ system has been designed and manufactured specifically for hospital and drug preparation areas in pharmacies. Connects with TSI 6510 particle counters and temperature/humidity/pressure sensors directly with PresSura™ for total and immediate analysis. The system can be integrated with Building Automation Systems (BAS) using standard protocols such as BACnet®, Modbus™ and LonWorks®.

The PresSura™ system consists of:

Products selected by QSGroup are designed to cover a wide range of particle sizes to meet the needs of any production environment. 
Quick configuration and ease of use make them the best choice to save time during installation and ensure reliable measurements.

Particle counters

Our choice: TSI AeroTrak+®

The new TSI AeroTrak+® series offers a wide range of products with first-class reliability and trouble-free operation.

Thanks to the FMS Software, you are able to manage an area monitoring system in a simple and safe way, controlling multiple critical parameters continuously. The software supports a wide range of instruments and signals and is equipped with different levels of redundancy to prevent any problematic situation. In fact, in addition to an easy-to-use interface, the software also provides users with customized reports and supports real-time communication for alarms and notifications. 
The software is purchased separately and offers additional functionality to TSI AeroTrak+® products.

The control of bacterial contamination in sterile environments is crucial for many sectors and industries, efficient instrumentation is therefore essential. Our company offers the most advanced technology in this field to help our clients create the ultimate monitoring system.

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Our company sells the most advanced aerosol photometers and generators currently available on the market. All models allow for easy reading of all available data and can be configured as required.

Our photomer selection

QSGroup offers a wide range of products for qualification and requalification, offering the highest level of instrumentation with transversal applications for every need. All our clean room foggers can be supplied with accessories for any use, such as ducting pipes, trolleys, probes and valves.

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We offer a complete list of portable and fixed particle counters, suitable for any need, designed and manufactured in compliance with ISO 14644-1 and GMP, supplied with calibration certificate ISO 21501-4:2018 issued by our laboratory Accredia n.266.

Our choice: TSI

For more than 40 years, TSI has been a world leader in the production of particle monitoring systems for pharmaceutical and semiconductor applications, holding limits up to nanometre.