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The control of bacterial contamination in sterile environments is crucial for many sectors and industries, efficient instrumentation is therefore essential. Our company offers the most advanced technology in this field to help our clients create the ultimate monitoring system.

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Biotrak offers a 3-in-1 instrument for particle and microbiological monitoring in real time.


  • 1 CFM (28.3 LPM) particle counter, complying with ISO 21501-4, ISO 14644 and GMP standards.
  • If contamination is detected, the instrument allows particle culture to be performed to identify the type of contamination.
  • Real-time microbiological monitoring, thanks to fluorescence technology, which is able to immediately detect microbiological contamination within an area by discriminating viable particles from non-viable ones.

“Biofluorescent particle counting provides continuous, sensitive, real-time incisive environmental monitoring, enabling reduced process interventions, reduced personeel in critical zones, improved process knowledge, and assurance of product quality.
The systems provide insights into operator interventions and provide rapid information of manufacturing areas supporting product quality and patient safety.”
Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology


  • No need for a dedicated plate changing operator.
  • No more need to change the Petri dishes, with Biotrak you can continue to manufacture without interruption.
  • Biotrak notifies you in real time if the product is exposed to contamination and corrective action can therefore be taken immediately, so that the 5 days of incubation of the Petri dishes are no longer necessary.
  • With Biotrak, Petri dishes are no longer needed, thus saving a considerable amount of money.
  • IQ/OQ/PQ validation protocols are available and can be performed directly by QSGroup specialists.

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