Macroparticle monitoring

Following the regulatory update of ISO 14644-17:2021 which dictates the new lines for monitoring macroparticles in Clean Rooms, QSGroup presents the most advanced monitoring system for Macro particles.

The PARTICLE DEPOSITION MONITOR allows you to monitor your clean room like never before!

SAC Particle Deposition Monitor

SAC Particle Deposition Monitor - QSGroup

SAC Particle Deposition Monitor


  • Large 50 sqcm detection area allows for measurements in very clean environments.
  • High detection resolution with mask system allows detection of single particles.
  • Real time measurements providing event catching every minute with a resolution of one particle.
  • Counting sizing and positioning of all particles on the witness disk.
  • Fiber counting and images of all particles on the disk.
  • The borosilicate disk can be sterilized in order to measure the ratio between deposition and deposition with a bio content.
  • Smallest detectable particle is >= 5μm
  • Witness plates in exposure boxes allow data collection without instrument.
  • A large selection of reporting values is available such as i.e. PAC, PDR, Illigwert etc. Specials can be done.
  • Use cases are automotive industry cleanliness during assembly
  • Semiconductor industry monitors deposition during the assembly of machines.
  • Space industry safeguards the contamination budget of optical instruments.
  • There are several jobs that can be carried out with the use of a PDM system. Even the quality of a wipe can be found in combination with the specific dust you have.
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SAC Particle Deposition Monitor - QSGroup

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