Temperature Probes and sensors

We provide products to monitor temperature and humidity conditions in research and development, manufacturing and storage environments. With our solutions and services, companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology world guarantee the quality and safety of their products and maintain compliance with global regulations. Vaisala offers products necessary for monitoring temperature, humidity, hydrogen peroxide and CO2.

Temperature Probe TMP1

Temperature Probe TMP1 - QSGroup

Temperature Probe TMP1

for demanding temperature measurements

Vaisala Temperature Probe TMP1 is designed for demanding temperature measurements in industrial applications such as pharmaceutical industry and calibration laboratories, where accuracy and robustness are essential. The TMP1 is part of the Indigo family and compatible with Indigo500 and Indigo200 series transmitters.

  • Accurate measurement (see the datasheet for specifications)
  • Wide temperature range (see the datasheet for specifications)
  • Modbus RTU over RS-485
  • Plug & play compatible with Indigo™ series of transmitters
  • Traceable 2-point calibration certificate
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Temperature Probe TMP1 - QSGroup

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