ACCREDIA particle counter calibration service

Thanks to our AltiorLab subsidiary (Accredia centre no. 266, ISO 17025:2018 certified), QSGroup can carry out calibrations on particle counters in compliance with ISO 21501-4:2018

This service is the first and only one, to date, on the Italian market. It allows companies to be certified and implement very high quality standards.  

Our expert technicians can travel to a customer’s workplace or instruments can be sent to our laboratories. 

3 options available:

The customer sends the instrument to our laboratories

Pick Up Me
One of our technicians travels the customer’s workplace, disassembles the instrument and takes away the part that needs to be repaired or checked. 

Just On Site
Our technicians reach the customer’s workplace and intervene directly on site.

We get where you don’t see

ISO 21501-4: 2018 is the reference standard mentioned in ISO 14644-1: 2015 (Annex A) for the calibration of optical particle counters.

From May 2018 the second edition of the legislation came into force.

Certification is a priority for companies.

QSGroup is owned by AltiorLab:

One of the FIRST Accredia laboratories to be ACCREDIA ISO 17025: 2018. The accreditation of AltiorLab by ACCREDIA ilac-MRA is synonymous with quality, reliability, competitiveness.

FIRST ACCREDIA laboratory to perform ISO 21501-4: 2018 calibrations.

FIRST and ONLY laboratory to issue the declaration of CONFORMITY to ISO 21501-4: 2018 also at the customer’s site.

The issue of a declaration of conformity means that our customers comply with the standards 14644 -1: 2015 / 21501- 4: 2018 and the requests of any inspectors.

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Thanks to the fleet of our mobile laboratories, we are with you for every need in no time.

Avoid uncomfortable shipments and uncertain situations.

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