The ISO-CON-90 system is a complete solution for isolator monitoring. The system includes an ISO-90 monitoring head plus an ISO-CON flow control unit. The ISO-90 head takes up minimal space inside the isolator, keeping the pump and control unit separate and away from the head. The ISO-CON has a touchscreen display with Pinpoint Scientific’s intuitive user interface.

A powerful built-in vacuum pump ensures smooth operation of the ISO-90 head at distances of up to 10+ meters, making it possible to place the ISO-CON in a more comfortable position relative to the head. The discharge takes place through the base of the ISO-CON which passes through an H14 HEPA filter.

The ISO-CON is used to set run parameters (time, % plate, delayed start, username, and position) and also to store run results for loading into a LIMS system. Communication is via USB or Ethernet, with Ethernet allowing ISO-CON to communicate via MODBUS in a software system such as SCADA.

A secondary remote shield is available for mounting on or near the isolator, allowing the ISO-CON to be placed away from the process environment. A control cable and tubing connects the ISO-90 head to the ISO-CON, and special Pinpoint splices/ports are available that are designed to fit a standard 11ā„2″ Tri-Clover thread



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