What instruments are used to measure temperature? What are the differences?

Temperature is a physical quantity that expresses the amount of heat present in a system. There are several technologies and instruments used to measure temperature, some of which are described below.


Temperature measurement, instruments

Mercury thermometers: These are among the most common and oldest instruments used to measure temperature. They work on the basis that mercury expands or contracts depending on temperature.

Digital thermometers: They are more accurate and easier to read than mercury thermometers. They use a temperature sensor that transmits a signal to the digital display.

Thermocouples: These are temperature sensors made up of two different metal wires that generate a voltage when exposed to a change in temperature.

Thermopylae: They consist of a series of thermocouples that are used to measure very high temperatures.

RTDs (Platinum Thermal Resistance): These are temperature sensors that use the resistance of platinum to measure temperature. They are very accurate and stable, but also expensive.

In summary

In summary, each tool has its own unique features in terms of accuracy, ease of use, and cost. Choosing the most suitable instrument for measuring temperature depends on the specific application and the needs of the project.

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