Vaisala Continuous Monitoring System

The Vaisala continuous monitoring system is perfect for heavy and light industrial environments, as well as GXP application rules. The system integrates a wide selection of dataloggers, transmitters and Modbus devices, to monitor different parameters such as: temperature, relative humidity, dew point temperature, CO2, differential pressure, port contacts, and more.

ViewLinc software is designed for real-time monitoring and alerting of parameters such as temperature, humidity, and others. Alarms can be sent via on-screen alerts, email, SMS, tower lights, relays connected to the alarm system, and voice calls. Automatic historical and alarm reports are saved on a secure ViewLinc server.

It’s easy to connect dataloggers via cables, PoE, Wi-Fi, or via the VaiNet long-range wireless system. The system can be extended from one to thousands of sensing devices, and records reliably and in parallel to control systems for simplified validation.

The OPC UA and API provide options for integrating ViewLinc with other systems, while optional on-site calibration services ensure accurate temperature and humidity records.

QSGroup‘s team of engineers, metrologists, and technical support experts ensures you have a hassle-free continuous monitoring system for many years. The system is equipped with a full suite of optional services: on-site or in-house calibrations, installation, validation services, and service programs. We offer comprehensive documents, including IQ OQ protocols, and a GAMP-compliant GXP documentation package.



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