Elite Plus

The Elite Plus range ofĀ  reverse osmosis units caters to key applications requiring between 500 and 5,000 litres per hour of RO grade water. To reduce operating costs, the Elite Plus incorporates the latest “low energy” membranes, and to reduce the overall footprint it is built with integrated 5 Ī¼m pre-filters. The unit’s stainless steel sled frame and compact size allow for easy transportation.

The operation of the unit is simple and provides a common alarm output without voltage. As an option, the unit can be supplied with CIP connections and, for some applications, permeate deviation assembly. For users who require more capacity, higher output units are available.


  • 500 ā€“ 5,000 litres/hour
  • Permeate and Concentrate Flow Indicators
  • RO Boost Pump Pressure Indication
  • Adjustable recovery rates
  • Connections for CIP (optional)
  • Integral pre-filtration
  • High Flow Feed Water Inlet Valve


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