Purite Fusion provides an advanced unit that is simple to install, operate, and maintain, designed for all laboratory applications that require a reliable and consistent supply of purified water up to 18.2 MĪ©.cm.

Combining reverse osmosis, deionization, ultrafiltration, and phosphoxidation into a compact, self-contained unit, the Purite Fusion features an intelligent energy-saving mode Ā and is available with a range of options.


  • Dual water quality available 1-10 MĪ©.cm (Type II) and 18.2 MĪ©.cm (Type I)
  • Remote dispensing pod (optional)
  • Intelligent energy-saving stand-by mode
  • Dispensing speed up to 2 litres/min
  • Water quality parameters, TOC, MĪ©.cm, Ā°C and flow rate displayed
  • Selectable manual and volumetric dispensing function
  • 5000 m.wt Cut Internal Ultrafiltration For Endotoxin Removal, RNase/DNase
  • Dual wavelength UV irradiation (185nm/254nm)
  • Built-in TOC indicator
  • Built-in UV LED disinfection inside the dispensing head
  • ECO option now available offering 50% recovery which equates to a significant reduction in water consumption and waste
  • Wi-Fi enabled for remote monitoring and operation.


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