HM70 Laptop

The Vaisala HUMICAP® HM70 handheld is designed for humidity measurement in high-accuracy spot control applications. Also ideal for field checking and calibration of Vaisala fixed humidity instruments.

The HM70 includes an MI70 indicator and an optional probe depending on the application:

  • HMP75 with standard plastic grille
  • HMP75B (chemical purging and sensor preheating)
  • HMP76 with standard sintered bronze filter
  • HMP76B (chemical purging and sensor preheating)
  • HMP77 with standard plastic grille and stainless steel mesh
  • HMP77B (chemical purging and sensor preheating)

General characteristics:

  • Measuring range RH 0… 100% RH
  • 3 probes, temperature measurement range between -70 and +180 ° C
  • Multi-probe operation; dew point and CO₂ probes can also be connected
  • Displays various humidity parameters
  • Sensor preheating and chemical purge options for harsh conditions
  • Traceable calibration (certificate included)


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