Integra HP

The Integra range  is ideal for laboratories that require higher daily volumes of purified water with different sources of use. The  Integra HP and Integra L systems  provide lab-grade demineralized water from 60 to 600 liters per hour, while  the Integra 200E system  is a self-contained, energy-efficient unit that utilizes the latest energy-efficient reverse osmosis membranes and electro-demineralization technology.  


  • Production range 60/120/190 l/h
  • Built-in 50L purified water tank eliminates the need for external tanks
  • Carbon dioxide degassing membrane option to improve demineralization capacity
  • Range of demineralization options to meet all purity requirements and standards
  • Full-color touch screen LCD display for ease of use
  • Energy-efficient recirculation pump to conserve energy during periods of low demand
  • Cat5 compliant cut-off tank to comply with water regulations
  • Manual bypass option to ensure continuity of service in the event of an emergency


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