Integra L

To provide higher qualities of purified water, Integra L base unitsĀ  can be supplemented with the addition of optional polishing packages consisting of independent interchangeable cylinders. For applications requiring high-quality water with improved bacterial characteristics, UV disinfection and 0.2 Ī¼m filtration are available in an optional BIO package.


  • Unique compact unit that purifies, stores and distributes laboratory water
  • Produces up to 600 l/h
  • Provides ASTM Type I, II or III water and BS EN ISO grade 1,2 or 3 water
  • It uses reverse osmosis technology, along with activated carbon and particulate filtration as part of the first purification step
  • Built-in data logging for traceability of performance as standard
  • Delivered FAT for ease of installation
  • LCD touch screen display for ease of use


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