Pressura System

The PresSura RPM10 monitor  is designed to accurately measure ambient pressure in hospital operating and isolation rooms. With a unique thermal sensor from TSI, it offers the most accurate and stable measurement available on the market. The monitor continuously monitors the pressure in the room, alerting staff in the event of a loss of pressure via audible and visual alarms.

Meets ANSI/ASHRAE/ASHE, FGI, CDC, USP standards. The color touch screen display makes it easy to read the room status, is easy to set up, and protects functions with passwords. It can be used with the PresSura NSD8 monitor  for centralized monitoring.


  • Airborne Infection Isolation Chambers (AII) ‚Äď Negative Pressure
  • Protective Environment (PE) Rooms ‚Äď Positive Pressure
  • Compound pharmacies
  • Pandemic Preparedness Rooms
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Laboratories and Vivarium
  • Burn Units
  • Laundry Areas, Food Preparation, Construction
PresSura RPM10


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