QSGroup relies on Vaisala’s line of Indigo transmitters¬† to provide you with best-in-class instrumentation in the field of process measurements.

The main feature of the Indigo series is modularity. It contains a selection of transmitters, interchangeable smart probes that measure various parameters, and software to facilitate interfacing and monitoring of data. You can choose any probe and connect it to any of the transmitters, or integrate the probes into other systems. The Indigo platform is built on Vaisala’s self-made sensor core technologies.

Whatever the measurement, Indigo probes are unmatched in terms of accuracy and stability. They provide repeatable measurements with high resolution, and data you can rely on to make better, long-term decisions.

Vaisala's Indigo200 series transmitters are host devices for displaying measured values from interchangeable Vaisala smart probes.
Vaisala's Indigo500 series transmitters are smart and autonomous probe host devices that are compatible with Vaisala's Indigo line.


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